Egyptian Entrepreneur Explores the Possibility of Importing Briquette Shell Charcoal from Indonesia


?Indonesian Embassy's First Secretary of Economic Affairs, Lauti Nia Astri Sutedja, received (12/5) Egyptian businessman and the Manager of MAWFOR Import and Export Cooperation, Ahmed Shaaban, to explore opportunities for importing coconut shell charcoal briquettes product from Indonesia. From the meeting it was clear that there are huge market’s potential for such product to penetrate the Egyptian and Middle East region's market.
The next concrete step will be finding the experienced and suitable manufacture cooperation to collaborate with MAWFOR. To date, MAWFOR has been importing coconut shell charcoal briquette products from Paraguay, Ghana and Somalia, and because of the recent fact that Indonesia’s briquette is one of the finest in the world, MAWFOR wanted to explore the opportunities of doing business with Indonesian manufacturers.
This coconut shell briquettes was frequently chosen as a fuel because it has 7,340 calories of energy to produce heat higher than ordinary wood charcoal briquettes. Moreover, other uses of these briquettes are to meet the needs of the ‘Shisha lovers’ (water pipe) and desert‘s barbecue party.