5000 Indonesian Ambassadors Study at Al Azhar University


He also explained that Egypt’s assistance to Indonesian people has long existed before the days of Indonesian independence. Around the mid-19th century, exactly in 1918 there has already been an established Indonesian al-Azhar students’ association called the "Ruwaq Jawi". Not only that the learned Islamic sciences, but they also learned from the Egyptian national leaders at that time of their fighting spirit.

Egyptian Leaders and Figures whose dedication recorded in the history of Indonesia national struggle for independence include Abdel Rahman Azzam Pasha (former Secretary General of the Arab League), Salah el Din Pasha (former Minister of Interior), Mahmod el Nokrashi Pasha (former Prime Minister of Egypt), Mohamed Abd el Moneim (former Egyptian Consul in Mumbai).

According to Ambassador Fachir, Egypt with its al-Azhar institution played an important role in the making of Indonesian independence fighters, educators, intellectuals, leaders and preachers. Currently there are more than 5000 Indonesian students who are studying in this moderate and oldest university. It is our hope that al-Azhar becomes a golden bridge for the strengthening of the emotional relationship between Egypt and Indonesia.

Last year, trade between the two countries reached over USD 1 billion and this year there are efforts to further enhance trade cooperation between the two countries. One of the efforts is the scheduled visit of the Minister of Trade and Industry of Egypt, Mr. Rashed Mohamed Rashed along with the Egyptian trade mission led by the Chairman of Egyptian-Indonesian Business Council, Mr Mohamed Baraka. Aside from trade, Indonesia's investment in Egypt in the field of textiles and household has reached the total of USD 500 million.

According to Ambassador Fachir, the two countries have the potential to further increase their cooperation because they have a special emotional connection between them. Hence It is necessary to raise the two countries’ efforts and to create new innovations to maintain this good relationship.

"I have a dream that the Indonesian football club can hold a friendly match against with one of the Egyptian football clubs and that match can be viewed by hundreds of thousands spectators in the football stadium and also via television screens in homes".

As well as "I have a dream that I could watch a video clip of famous Egyptian singer "Amr Dhiab" with the beautiful Indonesia scenery known as the emerald of the equator as the background setting of the video clip ".

On the other hand, Chairman of the Egyptian-Indonesian Business Council, Mr. Mohamed Baraka, said that cooperation with Indonesia is of great advantage for Egypt, because the cooperation is focused on export oriented industries.