First Essay Contest :

 "Indonesia and Latin America in the

Trans-pacific Perspective of the XXI Century"

Argentine Center of International Studies (CAEI) and the Indonesian Embassy in Buenos Aires has the honor to invite to participate in the first essay contest in Argentina about Indonesia which information is as follows;

The winners will be selected based on three original papers on the relationship between Latin America and Indonesia, that explore the conditions, spaces and opportunities for the progress and improvement  of the relations between the two regions, including case studies on strategies for Latin American countries to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by

Indonesia in the framework of ASEAN.

In this contest will be awarded three prizes:

• 1st Prize: financial reward of US$ 1000 and Diploma of Recognition endorsed by the Argentine Center of International Studies (CAEI) and the Embassy of Indonesia. The work will be published in the Asia-Pacific Program CAEI.
• 2nd and 3 rd Prize: Certificate of Recognition endorsed by the Argentine Center of International Studies (CAEI) and the Embassy of Indonesia. The papers will be published in

the Asia-Pacific Program CAEI.


Work will be considered in the following areas:


Thematic Area I
Regional Integration Processes:

1.    The trans-Pacific economic cooperation in the current multilateral institutional architecture: opportunities for links between Indonesia and Latin America.

2.    Regional and sub-regional trade as an engine of link between Indonesia and Latin America.

3.    Indonesia towards the integration of trans-century: future perspectives in the context of linking ASEAN-MERCOSUR.


Thematic Area II

Competition and cooperation in trade and finance:

4.    Development process of Indonesia in Southeast Asia: issues and experiences.

5.    Indonesia against external and domestic markets: science and technology policies, SME support, knowledge society: opportunities for cooperation with Latin America.

6.    Indonesia's foreign direct investment in Southeast Asia and Latin America: location strategies, corporate culture, its potential role in selected value chains (ICT, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness).


Thematic Area III
Common Themes: Comparative Experiences between Asia Pacific and Latin America:


8.    Education in Indonesia as a competitive factor in the regional and international context.

9.    Areas of cooperation over global climate change.

10. Other non-traditional security issues (terrorism, drug trafficking, etc.).


Procedures for submitting the essays
Those graduates or advanced students living in Latin America, are welcome to submit their
essays to this contest.


The proposed study must submitted with a brief CV of the author (s) with reference to their institutional affiliation and nationality. It explicitly indicate the subject area for which the

work should be considered according to the terms detailed. Only one work may be submitted by author.

Reception of Abstracts:

The proposals of abstracts must be presented no more than 500 words. Abstracts must be received on July 25, 2011. Proposals submitted after the aforementioned date will not be accepted. Approval of the proposals is scheduled for July 30, 2011. The deadline for receiving final papers submitted in its final version is August 15, 2011.


Standards for the presentation

Papers must be original and unpublished and should not be compromised their publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should be submitted in English or Castellano.
The extension of the work will be a maximum of 5,000 words and a minimum of 2,500 words, including graphs, charts and bibliography. Entries must be submitted single-spaced, Times
New Roman, 12 pt.

The first page must give: title, author's name, address, telephone, fax and email and institutional affiliation of the author and the way you want it to appear. It should also include a brief Curriculum Vitae, no more than five lines, which will appear published together with the work.

Notes can go at the end of the work or on each page.


Notes and references will have the following format: 

1.    BOOKS: Author's surname (in capitals) and name (lowercase): Book title (in italics), publisher, city, year and page / s.

2.    Articles: author's surname (in capitals) and name (lowercase): "Title of article" (in quotes), name of journal (in italics), number, date, page / s.
The deadline for receipt of the work in its final version is August 15, 2011. Selected works will be announced to the the winners via email or telephone on August 30, 2011.
Complete documentation must be submitted in Microsoft Word format at the following
address: info@caei.com.ar. 

The prize does not include expenses of travel and stay of the author or co-author (in case of co-authorship) to attend the awards handling ceremony. It is foreseen to be held in September 2011 (place, time and day to be designated). 
For further information please visit : http://www.caei.com.ar/es/concurso.html