On Wednesday, 17th of August at 16:30 local time, reverberated the magnificent national anthem Indonesia Raya sung by all participants at the 66th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony that was held on the third floor hall of the Embassy in Buenos Aires.

The ceremony, led by Ambassador Ms. Nurmala Kartini Pandjaitan Sjahrir was held firmly and orderly and was attended by many Indonesian citizens, from  the Embassy’s staffs, Indonesian seamen, Indonesian missionaries as well as other Indonesian citizens who live in Argentina. Also were present at this ceremony,  Embassy’s counter parts such as the school head master, vice headmaster and a teacher from a local public school No.146 who bear the name "Republic of Indonesia" 146 from Ciudad Evita in the province of Buenos Aires.

In her speech, the Ambassador conveyed the main message of the President of Indonesia regarding the pluralism, in which Indonesia as a country that consists of various ethnicities, religions, ethnic groups with diverse cultures nevertheless living in harmony is an example which should still always be carried out and maintained even though we live abroad
. The importance of every Indonesian citizen residing abroad to always preserve the good reputation of Indonesia through his behavior in the midst of local communities and must always remember that every behavior is a reflection of our nation. The Ambassador also expressed her happiness for some Indonesian citizens who are married and have families with locals whom for her is an example of how the Indonesian citizens can be accepted especially among the local community and foreign community in general.

With the glorious shouts of MERDEKA!, MERDEKA! MERDEKA! (liberty, liberty, liberty),that was followed by all participants of the ceremony, the Ambassador ended the memorial day of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

After the ceremony, the event continued with an entertainment of children games, presentation of gifts to children and to the winners of sport events and even karaoke, which then was fololwed by fast breaking in ocassion of the holy month of Ramadan.

Furthermore, as soon as the prayer call was sounded, before breaking the fast, the Ambassador held the tradition of cutting the Nasi Tumpeng which was then presented to some of the guests of honor such as the Indonesian missionary Padre Eduardo who has been living in Argentina for twelve years, Mrs.Mirta Lonjedo for her dedication as a
local staff of the Embassy for twenty years, as well as to the

school`s head master, Mrs. Eva Blanco.

The event took place very lively and crowded,and were served a variety of Indonesian cuisine, even Kolak Biji Salak and Cendil.