Sharing love with the handicapped Children in Argentina


Receiving the invitation to assist the celebration of the Virgin Mary Day, last 7th of December 2011, the Charge d´affairs of the Indonesian Embasy of Indonesia en Buenos Aires, Mrs. Joevi Roedyati and her team have visited a church from the Arnaldo Janssen congregation that was located in Rafael Calzada in the province of Buenos Aires around 75km from the Capital city of Buenos Aires.


This church also manage a school for handicapped children where there are 75 students, from 6 to 9 years of age. The subjects given are especially done for them.


With this opportunity the Representative of the Embassy took advantage to complete their happiness by giving Christmas and New Year presents that was seen by their fathers, families, invitees, sisters and teachers of the school.


This celebration which also was the closing of the academic year of the school and to welcome to summer, was celebrated by different entertaintment like happy songs that were prepared especially by teachers, sisters, school´s staffs, parents and friends that with their full dedications and love have somehow managed to make these children so chherful clapping so happily while watching the shows.


In her speech, the headmaster said to the children and the audience to always try to be cheerful, happy and thankful for everything that we have and to try to wipe away the fear and sorrow that we may have because we must always remember that God is always with us and for God, there is nothing that is impossible as long as we want it.


After giving the prersents, the Embassy´s team was also invited to taste the sancks and softdrinks that were prepared by the school for the children and invitees.