Once again Indonesia, amid an extremely cold temperature below 0 degrees, by presenting  traditional dances and music has successfully amazed the guests who attended the Celebration of the Parish Saints Day. The invitations was received by the Embassy of Indonesia through an Indonesian missionary priest, Padre Miguel Kein SVD, who is on duty at San Pedro Apostol Parish, located in Barrio Parque Liceo in the province of Córdoba, about 7 kilometers from the capital city of the province. Padre Miguel instantly noticed the opportunity to introduce Indonesian culture to the locals.

                                The Cultural event that was held last Saturday 2nd of July, at a Catholic elementary, junior high and high school by the name of Colegio de Santos Espiritus, enlivened by different  dances and music performances from both local and Indonesia, where this time, Indonesia had the honor to perform first by showing the group of Arumba Angklung that was consisted of Indonesians and Argentines, and played several typical folk songs from both Indonesia and Argentine such as; Es Lilin,  Mojang Priangan, La Cumparsita, La vicuñita and Duerme Negrito, and managed to amaze the the audience.  The Angklung perfomance was then followed by traditional dances such as; Tari Piring, Tari Rantak and Margapati and was closed with a performance of gamelan group with the songs Suara Suling, and Hanoman Obong.

                Indonesian traditional dance and music for the Argentine public is something very new and rare knowing that Argentina is more likely to be oriented towards Europe, so new things like the culture of Indonesia is very riveting and  curiosity arousing.

                The day after the show, as a habit of every celebration, the parish held a community luncheon to all of members of the congregation with typical Argentine grilled chicken. Those who attended the cultural show the night before considered that  the presentation was completed, but apparently the audience was surprised again by a presentation of Nasi Kuning (yellow rice) complete with its side dishes, even just after the explanations and a brief remarks given by the Embassy, ??it was seen a fairly long queue that was waiting anxiously for his turn to taste the  yellow rice.

 Indonesia received a very nice and warm welcome by the locals who felt to have had learned variety of new knowledge both visual and print, that was also provided by the Embassy through an Indonesian stand offering different printed information in books, magazines,  brochures and also displays of some traditional Indonesian handicrafts.

This Introduction outside of the capital city of Argentina was not the first time but part of the activities that the Embassy had done in the framework of  introducing the country to all residents of the countries that  the Indonesian Embassy in Buenos Aires is accredited to, furthermore, the role of  Indonesian missionaries in every part of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, is indeed a very valuable help for the success of the mission of the nation.