Indonesia's Investment Realization in Quarter II of 2015 Hit Another Highest Record

The Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BKPM) today announces the second Quarter/Q2 (April - June) 2015 and Semester I (January – June) 2015 of investment realization figures for both domestic (DDI) and foreign direct investment (FDI) based on the Investment Activity Report (LKPM) received by BKPM. The investment realization in Q2-2015 (April - June) was Rp 135.1 trillion, hit another highest record. There was an increase of the total investment realization at 16,3% compared to the same period in 2014 (Rp 116.2 trillion). The number of DDI realization amounted as Rp 42.9 trillion (31.8%) and the total number of FDI realization amounted as Rp 92.2 trillion (68.2%).
The Cumulative investment realization in Semester I (January-June) 2015 was Rp 259.7 trillion consist of Rp 85.5 trillion (32.9 %) from DDI and Rp 174.2 trillion (67.1 %) from FDI. Compared to the same period in 2014, it increased 16.6 %.
This consistent growth of the FDI and DDI is concurrent with the Index of Investor Perception Survey conducted by Roy Morgan that has put Indonesia on the highest position for the main investment destination based on domestic and foreign investor perception.
The FDI realization based on country of origins (five leading countries), were: Malaysia (US$ 2.3 billion); Singapore (US$ 1.1 billion); Japan (US$ 0.4 billion); United States (US$ 0.3 billion); and British Virgin Islands (US$ 0.2 billion).
FDI realization based on sectors (five biggest sectors) were: Transportation, Warehouse and Telecommunication (US$ 2.4 billion); Mining (US$ 2.2 billion); Metal, Machinery and Electronics (US$ 1.4 billion); Transport Equipment and Other Transport Industry (US$ 1.1 billion); and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (US$ 0.9 billion). Whereas, should all industrial sectors be combined, it can be seen that industrial sectors contributed as much as US$ 5.6 billion (40.1%) from the total FDI.
Meanwhile, the FDI realization from Argentina until June 2015 was US$ 100.000. Therefore, there are still many
opportunities to be seized by investors from Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay in Indonesia