Argentina Wants to Deepen Cooperation in Mining with Indonesia

The Ambassador of Indonesia to Argentina had the honor to welcome the visit of the Vice Minister for Mining on 8 September 2015. The meeting was proposed by the Vice Minister who is really keen to strengthen the cooperation with Indonesia in mining sector.
In the meeting, the Vice Minister said that so far, the mining and trade cooperation with Asia is mainly focused on China, Japan, and India. However, when the Vice Minister visited India, he received a lot of information about Indonesia and its huge potentials. Therefore he is now very keen to explore opportunities in Indonesia.
The ambassador explained that beside having abundant potentials, now is also the right time to invest in Indonesia. According to the World Bank and the IMF, the middle-class population in Indonesia now has exceeded 150 million people (more than 3 times of the population of Argentina). The government now is working really hard to boost the economic growth by increasing export, investment, and attracting tourists from all over the world.
The Vice Minister believes that the two countries have abundant natural resources and now it is the time to do something together. He briefed the embassy that Argentina currently offers cooperation in exploration and production of molybdenum, gold, silver, lithium, and potassium chloride. With the tough world economic situation, investments from both countries are needed to propel the economic growth.
The Ambassador also invited the Vice Minister to attend the 30thTrade Expo Indonesia (TEI) on 21-25 October 2015 in Jakarta and thus the Vice Minister can see potentials in Indonesia. The Vice Minister conveyed his gratitude for the invitation. He is very interested to build a network with his counterpart in the Ministry of Mining of Indonesia and would like to invite officials from Indonesia to visit Argentina soon.
In this very cordial meeting, the Ambassador served and introduced Kopi Luwak, the famous coffee from Indonesia. After tasting the coffee, the Vice Minister praised its unique and classy flavor.