Earthquake of the Sumatra Island, 11 April 2012






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Situation of Sumatera Earthquake

15.38.33 hr  local time, 11 April 2012 


1.    On April 11, 2012, an earthquake measuring 8.5 on the Richter-Scale struck the southeastern part of Indonesia, in the Island of Sumatera. This earthquake has been felt across the Provinces of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, North Sumatra, Bengkulu and Lampung. The Indonesian Meteorology, Geophysics and Climatology Agency, has pin pointed the epicenter of earthquake off the waters of the Sinabung Island, 346 Km from the District of Simeleu, Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (coordinates 2.40 N, 92.99 E), at the depth of 10 Km. This earthquake has produced 16 aftershocks with varying degrees of intensity.


2.    In response, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has made quick and necessary steps including warning citizens to prepare for emergency evacuation should a tsunami occur. The Indonesian Meteorology, Geophysics and Climatology Agency has issued possible tsunami warnings following the earthquake and aftershocks. As of, 21.01 hours local time, there have been registered a rise of sea level in various parts of the Sumatera Island ranging from 0.06 - 1.02 m in height.


3.    However, Indonesian Meteorology, Geophysics and Climatology Agency has stated that due to the nature/character of the earthquake, there is a remote possibility on the recurrence of a devastating tsunami.


4.    Based on the latest information (21.01 hours local time), most of the provinces in Sumatera Island only experienced temporary black outs and efforts to verify the effects of the earthquake are still underway. Initial reports have only identified 4 injured persons in the District of Simeleu with no deaths reported.


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