Indonesian Ambassador to Belgium receives a medal of honor from Oostende


Indonesia's Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union, Nadjib Riphat Kesoema was once again received a medal of honor Chevalier d'honorarium (knight) from the Haute Confrerie Royal du Noble Corcieli of the city of Oostende. The awarding was held in the city’s historical building, the Kursaal in Oostende, Belgium, Saturday (21 / 11).

The President of the Confrerie Royal Corcieli Ratmorte-Ostende, Quaghebeur pinned the blue sash of gold to the Ambassador as reward for his services, particularly in strengthening and promoting the cooperation of both parties, through cultural, social and tourism activities.

Ambassador RIPHAT received this prestigious honor from the city of Oostende together with seven other people of varying professions, from businessmen, doctors, owners of travel agency / hotel, and a journalist. The awardees were specifically chosen by the eleven members of committee Confrerie du Royal RatMorte du Corcielli of the city of Oostende.

Ambassador RIPHAT is the first Indonesian to receive the award. Ambassador RIPHAT was chosen for his continuous efforts in bridging the people of the two countries, especially from activities related to promotion of culture, tourism and public diplomacy. During his three-year service in Brussels, Ambassador RIPHAT has also been decorated with “the 4th degree honorariums Chevalier Blanc d'Moussi “ - Stavelot (2008), “Haute Order de Mannekin Pis” (2008), Local Government Award from the Province of Bali (2008), and the “Chevalier d'honorarium” Oostende (2009).

"This award is not only a recognition and high appreciation of the performance of our public diplomacy, conducted by Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Brussels. It is also an appreciation for Indonesia’s effort in pursuing closer ties with Belgium, especially in the western region of Belgium," so Ambassador RIPHAT said during the acceptance speech

"Cultural activities, social and tourism promotion through all elements of people are done under the stewardship of His Excellency Nadjib RIPHAT Kesoema, with a view to strengthen people-to-people contact, are widely acclaimed in Belgium are," said the President of the Confrerie on the background of the award.

Within the year 2009 only, the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels conducted no fewer than 58 cultural promotions, tourism and other related activities. Almost every week, large and small events, from workshops, performances, film screenings and exhibition tours were continuously rolled in the heart of Europe. *****