Wonderful Indonesia !



Indonesia is one the world’s premier destination for tourism. Over the years, Bali has become a household name. It is known as the island of the gods, where the Hindu-Bali tradition and culture are prevalent throughout the entire island. The white sandy beaches and large waves also make it a surfer’s paradise.


But Indonesia is not just Bali. Beyond Bali there remain tens of thousands of other islands and destinations for people to visit and enjoy, including the majestic Borobudur temple in Central Java, the beauty of Raja Ampat in Papua, and many others.

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Borobudur Temple

Raja Ampat

West Sumatra - Pagaruyung Palace

North Sumatra - Whisper Game

Chef William Wongso


On 6 September 2017, a diplomatic reception had been held by the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels at Chateau Saint-Anne, Brussels. The reception was attended by over 400 guests who were Belgian government, EU functionaries, parliamentarians, the business community and others. The famous chef, William Wongso, held a cooking demonstration in front of the guests. Chef William Wongso prepares typical Indonesian food such as martabak kambing (a typical indonesian food based on a lamb meet) and asinan Jakarta (Traditional Jakarta salad based on vegetable and fruits with special sauce). During the cooking demonstrations, some guests were asked to cook with him.

Chef Wolliam Wongso team also held a festival of Indonesian cuisine at Callens Café, Brussels on 8 and 9 September 2017. The menu presented by the team is a discovery menu which is a special menu of various types of Indonesia dishes in one plate. Belgian Blue is a typical Belgian beef used by Chef William Wongso to make one of the main dishes, Rendang ( a spicy meat dish which originated from Indonesia, especially the ethnic group of Minangkabau). 100 Indonesian menus were sold during the two-days festival which showed that the guests had a sense of curiosity and a very high appreciation for Indonesian culinary.