Honorary Consul

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia appointed Honorary Consul and Honorary Consul Generals who are residing in the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Honorary Consul and Consul Generals are: 

  • Mr. DOMB, Eric,
Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia for the Region of Walloon, Belgium.
Address: Parc Pairi Daiza, Domaine de Cambron, B-7940, Brugelette, Belgium.
Phone: +32(0)6.825.0850, Fax. +32(0)6.845.5405, email: info@pairidaiza.eu
  • Mr. RAFII, Abbas
Honorary Consul of the Republic of Indonesia for Luxembourg.
Address: Rue John F. Kennedy, L-7327, Steinsel, Luxembourg.
Phone: +352(0)331.722, Fax: +352(0)331.725.