Legalization of Official Documents

Our Embassy receives request for legalization of official documents for the purpose of official use in Indonesia


  1. Complete copy of the document for our file and reference.
  2. Receipt of bank transfer payment .
  3. Complete set of the original document which has already been legalized by one of the following institutions:
  • Slovak Government Institution
  • Slovak Chamber of Commerce;

Legalization of Translated Documents

Our Embassy also receives request for legalization of translated documents for the purpose of personal use in Slovakia or Indonesia. We also accept request for legalization on personal power of attorney in Bahasa Indonesia which would be used for personal purpose in Indonesia. 


  1. Original document;
  2. Translation of the original documents;
  3. For the legalization of power of attorney, please submit the following documents:
  4. Original power of attorney to be signed in front of Embassy's Official/ Staff;
  5. Copy of valid passport;
  6. Copy of valid Slovak resident permit;
  7. Passport number and address in Slovak to be mentioned in the power of attorney.
  8. Receipt of bank transfer payment.


Submitting in person

Applicant or their agen present the complete set of document at the Consular Service Counter at the Embassy of Indonesia in Bratislava. Application must be submitted between Monday to Friday from 09.00 – 12.00, except on public holidays.

Our Embassy receives request for legalization of official documents for the purpose of official use in Indonesia.


Submitting by post

Complete set of the document can be sent by using postal service to our Embassy through this postal address:

Embassy of Indonesia


Foreign Document Legalization / Legalizácia pre Zahraničné Dokumenty

Dokumen Bisnis
Copy Legalization of Business Document
Legalizácia kópie obchodných dokumentov
per document
document bundle
za dokument
€ 135,-
Dokumen yg Bersifat bukan Bisnis
Copy Legalization of Non-Business Document
Legalizácia kópie ne-obchodných dokumentov
per document
per document
za dokument
€ 30,-


Platby možno len byť vykonané bankovým prevodom
To Embassy of Indonesia
account number:
 IBAN: SK4911110000000001226087