Visa On Arrival (VoA)

  1. ​Visa on Arrival (VoA) can be obtained upon arrival in Indonesia at the designated airports, seaports or land border checkpoint.
  2. VoA is valid for a maximum of 30 days of stay starting on the first day of arrival regardless of the time of arrival.
  3. VoA is issued at the discretion of the Immigration Officer at the point of arrival​. 
  4. VoA can be extended for another 30 days ONLY ONCE and is subject to the eligibility of sponsorship of the traveler’s stay in Indonesia. To do so, travelers are advised to contact the nearest local Immigration Office in Indonesia.  If you are unsure or do not have any sponsor in Indonesia for the purpose of VoA extension or if you are a holder of temporary/emergency passport or other travel documents (non-national passports), you are strongly advised to apply for a single entry visa in advance prior leaving your home country. 
  5. A VoA cannot be converted into any other type of visa or stay permit in Indonesia.
  6. NATIONALITY listed at VISA on Arrival Countries
  7. Arrival must be at the designated airports, seaports or land border checkpoint​. ​
VISA FREE Countries  can also apply for Visa on Arrival if needed to extend to another 30 days, once only.  Countries are listed at VISA FREE Countries list.


For detailed and updated information please visit Directorate General of Immigration office: