Media Services

Directorate of Information and Media as one of the directorates in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others, has the task of facilitating national and international mass media in conducting journalistic activities in Indonesia. Journalistic activities in question are: 

  • Covering a series of activities within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the RI Representative overseas
  • Foreign media journalistic visits to Indonesia for news coverage and filming of documentaries / films,
  • The placement of foreign correspondents in Indonesia and
  • The service of document handling of the "letter of assignment" of national and international media.


In this context, the function of media services by the Directorate of Information and media in detail includes the following tasks:

  • Journalistic journalist visit service in Indonesia
  • Fixed press card and temporary press card
  • Permanent foreign correspondent placement in Indonesia
  • Letter of Recommendation for  making / renewal of Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS), Permit of Hiring Foreign Power (IMTA) and Self Reporting Letter (SKLD)
  • Facilitate the Press coverage of activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Representatives by National and International Media