Promoting Indonesia at The 25th ITF Slovakiatour and Danubius Gastro Fair 2019

Indonesia has participated at the 25th Slovafatour ITF exhibition in Incheba Exibition, Bratislava - Slovakia on 24-27 January 2019. ITF Slovakiatour was held in conjunction with the Danubius Gastro Fair. In this event, the Embassy of Indonesia was supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and cooperated with tour operators from Indonesia, namely Indoreisen and Mala Tour. While the Embassy cooperates with local tour operators, namely Alchemy Travel, Victory Travel and Dobrudruznecesty Travel.


The Indonesian Ambassador to Slovakia, Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady said that the Slovakiatour ITF was a very important event to promote Indonesia for tourists in the Central and Eastern European regions. Based on data from the Immigration recorded the flow of tourists from Slovakia increased significantly each year. In 2017 there were 8,368 people, in 2016: 6,629 people, in 2015: 5,331 people, in 2014: 3,888 people. The Ambassador hopes that tour operators from Indonesia and Slovakia can take advantage of the moment of this exhibition in order to sell Indonesian tourist destinations to Slovak market, not only Bali but also beyond Bali. The ambassador also requested that more foreign tourists from Slovakia be formed in groups or packages so that it would increase foreign exchange earnings from the tourism sector.


According to President Incheba, Alexander Rozin, in his opening remarks, he mentioned that the 2019 ITF Slovakiatour was the largest travel exhibition and tourism industry in Slovakia and central Europe. In 2018, no less than 700 exhibitors engaged in tourism participated in this event and were attended by more than 70,000 visitors. He appreciates Indonesia's participation, which this time has a large pavilion, and can accommodate more tour operators and promote various Indonesian products.


Arpad Ersek, Minister of Transportation and Construction of Slovakia said that the Slovak tourism industry is growing and the 2019 ITF Slovakiatour has become the right place for the tourism and gastronomic industries to develop cooperation and encourage the tourism industry in Slovakia and various parts of the world. ITF Slovakiatour is also the main reference for Slovak people and neighboring countries to get travel and tourism information.


2019 ITF Slovakiatour, not only followed by tour operators from Slovakia but also more than 25 countries and tourism boards from various countries. The Asian countries participating in this event are Indonesia and China. Unlike the previous year, this year's ITF Slovakiatour specifically allocated exhibition venues in separate halls for the "Hunting and Fishing" category.


During the exhibition, the Indonesian pavilion also exhibit various coffee products (Gayo, Lintong, Sidikalang, Ciwidey, Blawen, Kintamani, Flores, Toraja, Papua and civet coffee), tea, noodles and instant seasonings and other products which are produced by Indofood, as well as various Indonesian snacks. In addition, visitors also tasting various types of coffee, tea and fried noodle drinks, fried rice and chicken soup with noddle (soto ayam).


The potential of foreign tourists from Slovakia and the East-Central European region can be said to be large. This can be seen from the number of tour operators offering tour packages to Indonesia. There was even a Czech-based operator tour called "Aquatravel" which only offers tour packages to Indonesia. To further attract foreign tourists from Slovakia, the Indonesian Embassy also organized a presentation on tourist destinations in Indonesia for 2-day at the main stage by Victory travel and Alchemy Travel.


On a separate occasion, the Embassy also arranged a meeting between Indonesian operator tours with a tour of local operators to promote Indonesian tourist destinations and establish broader cooperation.


Tour operators expressed their satisfaction at participating in the 2019 ITF Slovakiatour. They estimated that tour package transactions that could be booked for 4 exhibition days were around Rp 2.4 billion for packages to Kalimantan, Bali, Lombok and Java.


In addition, there were also traditional Indonesian dance performances namely Gandrung Bali dance, Genjring Party, Sekar Jagad, Bajidor Kahot, Rara Ngigel, Rebana and Rejang Renteng, and traditional Indonesian music games. The art performance was presented by the Slovak National Student who was an alumni of the Darmasiswa scholarship, the Indonesian community in Slovakia and the Embassy staff.