Promoting Indonesia Through the WTM Latin America

 Promoting Indonesia Through the WTM Latin America

BRASILIA-DF. Once again Indonesia participated in the biggest tourism promotion exhibition in Latin America, the World Travel Market (WTM) Latin America in São Paulo, Brazil, on 3-5 April 2018. WTM Latin America is an annual business-to-business forum which was attended by more than 600 exhibitors and attracted 11,963 industry executives in the tourism sector.

Represented by the Embassy of Indonesia in Brasilia-DF, Indonesia's stand showcased the theme "Wonderful Indonesia". The stand promoted tourism destinations such as Bali and the island of Komodo, and also introduced other destinations which are as beautiful like Yogyakarta, Raja Ampat, North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Maluku, and other interesting destinations in Indonesia.

The visitors' showed high enthusiasm towards Indonesia's stand, especially from tour and travel business executives in Brazil. During the three-day event, no less than 500 visitors talked with Indonesia's representatives. Most of them were looking for more information about interesting tourism destinations, seeking business contacts with local tour operators in Indonesia, offering cooperation for destination promotion and marketing, soliciting sponsorships, and other matters related to tourism in Indonesia.

The direct involvement of the Indonesian (Happy Trails Asia) and Brazilian (iViagens) tour operators in this event were deemed very effective in optimizing the promotion of Indonesian tourism since they were able to follow-up directly the demand for more technical information and cooperation offers from interested parties. Indonesia also received special attention from the Minister of Tourism of Brazil, Marx Beltrão Lima Siqueira, who visited Indonesia's booth. A national radio, Jovem Pan, also conducted an interview about Indonesian tourism.

The effort to introduce Indonesia to the Brazilian public needs continuous and heightened supports. Natural tourism attractions and surfing locations, for example, have become more popular among Brazilians. There is also an increase of interests from them to know more about under-exposed destinations, although the great distance between Brazil and Indonesia still poses a challenge. These are wonderful opportunities, which call for better management and developed further by tourism industry executives of both countries.