Indonesia third-place winner in 9th International Earth Science Olympiad in Brazil

Indonesia took part in the 9th International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) in Poços de Caldas, Brazil. Ninety-five students participated in the Olympiad, which took place on 13-20 September 2015.

Indonesia’s team for the 9th IESO was seen off by the Minister for Culture and Education. The 4 high school students and 4 officials in the team were: Abdel Hafiz from State High School 1 in Padang, Jason Hartanto from High School 1 in Sidoarjo, Nanda Adi Kurniawan from State High School 3 in Malang, and Ryan Setyabudi from State High School 2 in Purwokerto, Drs. Zadrach L. Dupe, MSc from Bandung Institute of Technology’s meteorology department, Dr. Salahuddin Husein from Gadjah Mada University’s geological engineering department, Dr.rer.nat. M. Ikbal Arifyanto from Bandung Institute of Technology’s astronomy department, and Mr. Heri Fitrianto from the Ministry of Culture and Education.

IESO participants must tackle 67 questions in theoretical test, and 5 practical tests in various subjects which included geology, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography and hydrology, as well as astronomy. There was also a team challenge, in which the participants are divided into 12 groups. Each group then took part in 2 challenges, namely International Team Field Investigation and Earth Science Project.

Abdel Hafiz won 1 gold medal, Jason Hartanto and Ananda Adi Kurniawan each won 1 silver medal, and Ryan Setyabudi won 1 bronze medal. Their achievement contributed to Indonesia winning the third-place trophy in the 9th IESO. Japan will host the next IESO in 2016.