72nd Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day Festivities in Brasilia-DF, Part 2

On the occasion of Indonesia's Independence Month, Embassy of Indonesia in Brasilia-DF organized a number of activities commemorating the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day in 2017. While half a world apart from the motherland, the spirits of Indonesian community in Brazil remained high in celebrating the freedom of the people of Indonesia.

One of the said activities was the sports competition held in the Embassy's premise on 11 August 2017. All of the Embassy's staff took part in volleyball and billiard games.

The main event of the celebration was the commemoration of the Proclamation of Independence in a flag-hoisting ceremony on the morning of 17 August 2017 at the Embassy. All staffs and extended family of the Embassy took part in the simple yet solemn ceremony, as well as a number of Indonesian community from several parts of Brazil. Following the ceremony were the cuttings of tumpeng (Indonesian yellow rice dish shaped like an upside-down cone accompanied with several side dishes, commonly served at important events) and an anniversary cake, which then were enjoyed by all that were present.​