72nd Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day Festivities in Brasilia-DF, Part 1


On the occasion of Indonesia's Independence Month, Embassy of Indonesia in Brasilia-DF organized a number of activities commemorating the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day in 2017. While half a world apart from the motherland, the spirits of Indonesian community in Brazil remained high in celebrating the freedom of the people of Indonesia.

Those high spirits were put on display while they were taking part in one of the said activities, which is a gathering of the extended Embassy's family on 5 August 2017. Decorated in red and white, the Embassy's ground was the spot for various games commonly played back home on Independence Day celebration. Both adults and children alike were enthusiastic to take part in the games, such as balap bakiak (in which four-player-teams race using pairs of long clogs), lomba makan kerupuk (eating crackers, in this case was also modified to eating jumbo-size donuts due to unavailability of the type of crackers normally used, hung from a string using only the players' mouths), balap kelereng (in which each player race while carrying a marble on a spoon), memasukkan pulpen ke dalam botol (putting a pen hung from a string tied to the player's waist into a bottle), and coloring for small children.  

Also present on the event were the typical dishes from both Indonesia and Brazil, among them bubur kacang hijau dan ketan hitam (porridge made with mung bean and black glutinous rice served with coconut milk sauce), pão de queijo (cheese bread made with tapioca flour), and churrasco (Brazilian barbeque) paired with sambal kecap (spicy sauce made with sweet soy sauce, chili, and onion). The dishes reflexed the diversity of the extended Indonesian Embassy's family, which consists of both Indonesian and Brazilian nationalities and also a mix of the two.​