Pro-Asia To The Future Seminar


On October 7, 2009, the embassy has participated on the Seminar of PRO-ASIA TO THE FUTURE, organized by the non-governmental entity called PROASIA that work on the relationship between the Asia countries on topic such as Political, Economic, education and Cultural. In this seminar Ambassador of Indonesia, China, Korea, and India have participated as lectures. 

The main object of this seminar is to recognize that Latin America should look forward to Asia Market.

During the 80s Colombia has open the relationship in active way with Asia countries, but middle of the 90s the relationship between Colombia and Asia countries has started to slow down. Colombia should learn with neighbor countries that have successfully interlaced their economic relation in active way like Chile, Peru, Mexico and Brazil.

Colombia needs to be much more flexible in his immigration policy toward Asian countries, which at this moment it feels very strict, for instance; the Colombian immigration policy toward China.

Moreover in the private sector participation, Colombian private sectors have to know Asian countries closer, by visiting directly to explore a lot of business opportunities that actually exist in many Asian countries.

Meanwhile, the Colombian intention to be one of the members in the APEC also was being discussed in the seminar, this intention needs also to be followed up along with the good preparation both technically and non technically.