Fiesta De Pueblos


On September 27, 2009, the Embassy of Indonesia has participated in the Fiesta de Pueblos (Society Party) with others 14 countries, organized by the Missioner and ecclesiastical. The main objects of the event are to show to Colombian the culture of several countries and to accumulate fund for the activities of the church in Colombia.
In this opportunity the Embassy of Indonesia in Bogota, has participated in 5 traditional dances and gastronomical of Indonesia, which the diplomatic spouses of Indonesia (DWP) has jointly participate in the even to shows the traditional cuisine of Indonesia to sell it to the general public, such as fried rice, fried noodle, meat and chicken kebab. The 20% of the profit goes to the church fund for the activities of the organization.
The Colombian opinion about the food of Indonesia is excellent, since the Colombian food doesn’t have many spices. It has been noticed that many visitors visit the stand of Indonesia, which is one of the popular stand of the event.
In the event one of the staff of the Culture section of the embassy has the opportunity to get interviewed with the Internet Media called Corpotec Online, to talked about the participation of the embassy in the event and other activities that the embassy plan to develop in Colombia.