Limited Stay Visa

This type of visa is valid for a limited stay in Indonesia for maximum stay of 2 years period and valid for both gainfull employment and for other non-gainfull employment purposes. Prior visa authorization from the Immigration Office is required for this type of visa. The purpose of stay for the applicants of a limited stay visa may include the following reasons:

  1. Working as World Trade Organization (WTO) expert with stay permit for a maximum period of 2 years (Index 311)
  2. Working as expert in various field with stay permit for a maximum period of 1 year (Index 312)
  3. Foreign Direct Investor with stay permit for a maximum period of 1 year (Index 313)
  4. Foreign Direct Investor with stay permit for a maximum period of 2 years (Index 314)
  5. Participation in training or research with stay permit for a maximum period of 1 year (Index 315)
  6. Undertaking education with stay permit for a maximum period of 2 years (Index 316)
  7. Family reunion with stay permit for a maximum period of 1 year (Index 317)
  8. Repatriation with stay permit for a maximum period of 1 year (Index 318)
  9. Retirement with stay permit for a maximum period of 1 year (Index 319)

Procedure to Organize the Visa

  1. Prior to applying this type of visa, applicant must obtain an authorization from the Head Office of Immigration in jakarta, Indonesia. In order to obtain visa authorization, applicant must have a sponsor in Indonesia either a person, an organization, or a company. The sponsor must present themselves in person at the Head Office of Immigration.
  2. When the authorization is issued, Immigration Office will send a fax or email of the approval to the sponsor and to our embassy in Bern, Switzerland.
  3. For further information on the procedure to organize the authorization, the sponsor can refer to the information available in the Immigration official website (
  4. To issue the visa, applicant must submit visa application to our Embassy. A copy of the immigration authorization must be attached in the application and submitted to the Embassy.
  5. For further information on the required documents, applicant can refer to the information below.
  6. The visa fee depends on the type of visa and duration of stay authorized by the Immigration Office.
  7. Please be advised that the Embassy has the right to refuse an application and cancel the authorization if any false and inaccurate information found in the application.

When the visa authorization has been issued, applicants need to submit their application to our Embassy to have the visa issued. Please see below for the requirements for submitting visa applications.


  1. Completed visa application form (download the form here)
  2. Original passport valid at least for 1 year upon the date of arrival in Indonesia
  3. For nationals other than Swiss or Liechtenstein, please attach a copy of valid Swiss or Liechtenstein Stay Permit 
  4. One colored pasport size photograph
  5. Copy of flight itinerary
  6. Receipt of payment (please click here for information on visa fee)
  7. Copy of the telex visa approval from the Immigration Office

Submitting Visa Application

Applicant or their agent present the complete set of document at the Visa and Consular Section Counter at the Embassy of Indonesia in Berne. Application must be submitted between Monday to Friday from 09.00 – 12.00, except on public holidays.

Application can also be submitted by post to our mailbox address as shown below. Please use a registered post when sending your visa application. If you wish your passport to be returned by post, please attach a self-addressed envelope with stamps for registered post (stamps with value of CHF 6).

Mailing Address

Embassy of Indonesia

PO BOX 112

3000 Berne 15

Visa Payment

All visa payment must be done through bank transfer or deposit to our account as follow:
Name of Bank:
Payment made to:
Account no:
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
CH55 0023 5235 9203 3702 Q
235-92033702 Q

Payment for visa, legalization and other consular service should be made through bank transfer or deposit to the Embassy's official account. The Embassy of Indonesia no longer accepts cash payment for any of its services. Any visa application or request for consular service whose payment is not made through bank transfer or deposit, will be returned to the applicant and the request will not be processed.

For payment made through Post Office, a deduction of CHF 2.50 is made automatically by the Post Office, therefore kindly adjust your payment by adding CHF 2.50 in the transferred amount. Our Embassy only process visa application when full amount of visa fee is received.

Important Information

  1. Please note that our Embassy is accredited to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Therefore we only issue Indonesian visa for citizens of Switzerland or Liechtenstein. We also issue visa for other foreigners who hold valid Swiss or Liechtenstein residency or cross border permit.
  2. The process to issue a visa at our Embassy takes approximately five working days, provided that all requirements are met. The process may take longer time during holiday seasons. This period excludes the period needed for delivery by post. Therefore, kindly adjust your travel plan with the period needed to organize a visa.
  3. For any inquiry concerning visa, please contact the Visa and Consular Section through email address: