The Heritage of Indonesia Cultural Performance


Around 48 young artists from Indonesia participated in this events, which was dedicated to promote Indonesian Culture in foreign countries. Not less important, this event was aimed at introducing the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesian traditional arts and culture to international society, particularly in Switzerland, as well as preserving the Indonesian art and culture.    

The Heritage of Indonesia Cultural Performance in Bern, started with a reception, which allowed guests to taste various typical food of Indonesia, was particularly dedicated to 350 important guests from diplomatic community, government officials, business community and entrepreneurs in Switzerland, academics, travel agents, media, and Friends of Indonesia. The event, held from 18.00 to 21.00, was followed by a selection of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, such as performance of Indonesian traditional dances, showcase of Indonesian traditional clothes, Angklung (Indonesian traditional instrument made of bamboos) Orchestra, Angklung Interactive and presentation of the making of Indonesian traditional woven clothes “kain tenun”.  

The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Switzerland, H.E. Djoko Susilo opened the event by addressing speech, explaining the audience the natural beauty and uniqueness of Indonesia, both the landscapes and the culture. The Ambassador uttered his hope that through the Heritage of Indonesia Cultural Performance, the audience could get a wider perception on Indonesia, a country which is famous for its beautiful landscapes and cultural treasures so as its people’s friendliness. The Ambassador also encouraged the guests to visit Indonesia and experience the beauty themselves.  

After the opening speech, a number of Indonesian traditional dances, such as Nandak Ganjen Dance from Jakarta, Topeng Dance from West Java, Zapin Dance from Sumatera, Piring Dance from West Sumatera, Japong Dance from West Java, Zapin Rapai Geleng Dance from South Aceh (which became the most favorite dance at the event) including the Tenun fashion show were presented. Angklung Orchestra by Daeng Udjo, which played international pop, folk and rock songs, such as Bohemian Rapsody from Queen, Keroncong Kemayoran, and so on, marked the peak of the event. The audience was also invited to play Angklung by themselves. Daeng Udjo distributed Angklung to each guest and conducted them to play some international famous songs. At the end of the performance, Daeng Ujo welcomed the guests to play Angklung directly in Indonesia. The audience was very excited and impressed by the Cultural Performance and look forward to be invited to the next Indonesian Cultural Performance.