The 43rd ASEAN Economic Ministers Meetings and related meetings


Indonesia’s Chairmanship ASEAN 2011:

The 43rd ASEAN Economic Ministers Meetings and related meetings

in Manado, North Sulawesi,

 August 9th-14th 2011

As the Chair of ASEAN 2011, Indonesia will host the 43rd ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting and other Related Meetings on August 9th-14th 2011 at the Novotel Manado Hotel in Manado, Indonesia.

The series of meetings are expected to be attended by Economic Ministers from ASEAN Member States, as well as a number of Economic Ministers from ASEAN’s Dialogue Partners such as United States, South Korea, China, Russia, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Further, in parallel to the aforementioned meetings, the Ministry of Trade and the US Technical Assistance and Training Facility (US-TATF) will co-host an ASEAN Trade Facilitation Forum (ASEAN TFF). The ASEAN TFF will be opened by the Indonesian Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu as the AEM Chair, whereas US Ambassador to ASEAN David L.Carden will deliver the introduction to the forum. The targeted participants for this important event are business representatives from several Business Councils, Chambers of Commerce, and some Industry Associations from ASEAN and its Dialog Partners.

Having said these, we would like to invite both national and international media to cover the 43rd AEM Meetings and related meetings.

In that regard, Media that may wish to cover The 43rd AEM in Manado on August 9th-14th 2011, may register to:

1.    Public Relations Centre, Ministry of Trade – Republic of Indonesia



2.    Yanie Anggraini

Cell: +62-85882718022


Media registration will be opened until August 8th, 2011.

We thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.