The 2015 Easter Celebration in Bern

Easter celebration was held on May 16th 2015 at Wisma Indonesia in Gümligen, Bern. The event was organized by the Christian Association Indonesia-Switzerland (PERKI) in cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy Bern. PERKI was first established in the Netherland in 1920. Afterwards, it was brought to Switzerland in 1975 by two Indonesians named Frankie Massie and Mangara Napitupulu.

 The event was started with an easter church service led by Priest Timoteus Garthe, followed by Sunday school for children, lunch and family fun time which offered games and competitions for families, such as  tug of war, marbles run, and whispering contest. The games was aimed at entertaining visitors, as well as strengthening the relationship amongst Indonesian people in Switzerland. 

This was the first time, that easter celebration took place at Wisma Indonesia. Around 200 families and staff of Indonesian Embassy attended this event which was organized not only to celebrate easter, but also to gather Indonesian families in Switzerland. The Indonesian Embassy in Bern always supports religious festives and activities both in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, in order to forge the unity amongst the Indonesian people in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.