Indonesian Night Konstanz 2018

Indonesian tourism promotion was again carried out by the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin & Bern in Germany. Most recently, through a night of cultural arts performances held on the border of 4 European countries.

Cultural performances are usually concentrated only on dances and songs. This time, the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin and Bern collaborated to formulate a strategy to promote not only Indonesian cultural heritage but also Indonesian tourism.  Konstanz, Germany, was chosen as an ideal location to hold this prestigious event, due to its location on the border of 4 German-speaking countries, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The event combined all three important elements in attracting foreign tourists to Indonesia, advertising, branding and selling. Advertising through media in Konstanz; branding through the Indonesian night event, which was held in Konstanz on Saturday (24/11), and selling through the presentation from 11 tour operators who provided tourism packages to Indonesia. This event also offered 2 lucky guests with 2 free airplane tickets from Germany or Switzerland to Indonesia.

"We do not want visitors who come to Indonesian cultural shows to only watch the program, go home, and stop there. Therefore, we did not only prepare art and cultural attractions, we also provided a platform for the tourism operators to present their packages and information on Indonesia and how visitors can immediately buy tickets and packages to Indonesia right away. It's time we use the complete package," explained Indonesian Ambassador to Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno.

Before holding the Indonesian night in the evening, a workshop on tips to sell Indonesian tourism was held. This workshop was attended by tour operators from Germany and Switzerland.

"Tour operators and travel agents are our partners to attract tourists to Indonesia. They cannot possibly convince potential tourists if they themselves are not convinced. This is one of the approaches in terms of branding and selling that we did at the event in Konstanz this time," added Ambassador Havas.

The applause of around 500 visitors from Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, spontaneously accompanied each performance. The first performance was presented by Rampak Kendang from the Berlin Angklung Orchestra group, continued with Saman Dance (or known as Ratoeh Jaroe dance) from the Indonesian community in Munchen and angklung performance by the Angklung Orchestra Berlin. Overall, the audience enjoyed all the performances, especially the interactive angklung orchestra.

The Balawan Batu Ethnic Fusion performance in the second session was the highlight of Indonesian cultural night in Konstanz. Famous for his skill in playing double-neck guitars, the magic finger, I Wayan Balawan and his group performed stunningly. Balawan presented some international and Indonesian traditional songs. Balawan also invited the audience to dance Poco-poco together.

The event was also supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Visit Indonesia Tourism Office (VITO) which provides Indonesian tourism information. Yasmine Lange from Vito delivered a presentation in front of the entire audience about Indonesian tourist destinations, including those outside Bali.

Indonesian night in Konstanz also provided two lucky audiences with a flight ticket to Indonesia from Singapore Airlines. The door prize was handed over directly by Mr. Dietmar Lehmann, Senior Key Account Manager for Singapore Airlines.

"I was very impressed with the concept of the complete promotion being held. This is a new experience for me. Everything is perfect. Choosing Konzil Konstanz as the venue was also a smart choice. Not only due to the historic value of the building but also its central location in Konstanz, making it accessible for people from various European countries, especially from Switzerland and Austria, "commented one of the guests, Prof. Dr. Max Weiber.

Indonesian Ambassador in Bern, H.E. Prof. Dr. Muliaman Hadad, which attended the event, also invited Swiss business community from near Zurich and St. Gallen to the event in Konstanz. "This cultural and tourism promotion will also be continued in other border cities in Switzerland-Germany. One of the Swiss cities that can be considered is the city of Basel, the border between Switzerland-Germany-French. I will also continue to work on the Swiss operator tours which have been attending the event, to better promote tourism in Switzerland, due to the high revenue generated from Swiss tourists in Indonesia, "

The Indonesian cultural night program in Konstanz was a collaboration between the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, the Indonesian Embassy in Bern, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, VITO, Singapore Airlines, Panorama Tour and Reisefieber.

The support of the Indonesian community in Konstanz was also the success key of this event, including Kevin and Komang who acted as the master of ceremony of this event.