Ich bin ein Javaner


Ich bin ein Javaner, firmly said by Indozeller Ein Leben in Zwei Welten writer, Franz Dahler in Exposition and Book Review held in the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bern (20/8). Franz Dahler, a priest, missionary and lectures, had written 5 other books, two of them concerning Evolution Theory and sexuality in religions.
Indozeller, which is abbreviation from Indonesia (the land Dahler’s love most) and Appenzeller (an area where Dahler grew up, is a book regarding Dahler’s experience in Indonesia as missionary and lectures. Can you connect Appenzell with Indonesia, the priesthood and marriage, Christianity with Islam? Thinks in this "impossible direction" feels, and fights with passion, "Indozeller" Franz Dähler. As a boy he captured the longing for distant places, for friendship with people of other nations, which at the end he found Indonesia. He crosses boundaries discovers new horizons, experiencing the pain of separation, the risk of failure. What matters to the connection between religion and political commitment to human rights. That he follows his own conscience, brings him into conflict with the authorities of church and state. Indonesia has been in the mind and heart of young Dahler, and proudly he even claimed he was a Java (Ich bin ein Javaner) and that he can speak Javanese earlier than his friends Franz Magnis Suseno. According to him, Indonesia is filled with people who are sympathetic, sweet and always willing to help.
The exposition and book review  held in cooperation of the Indonesian Embassy in Bern and Indonesian Student Association. The event, titled "books are good friends" presents three speakers, namely Reto Meili (Auf dem nach Asien Landweg), Franz Dahler (Indozeller) and Sigit Susanto (Along World Aisle). In his book, Reto Melli presented his an overview regarding his seven-month journey across Asia from South Asia to Southeast Asia. He found and watched how rich in cultures that Asia has and  and sometimes completely different. At this time Reto is finishing a book about his experiences during his journey in Papua.
Sigit Susanto is Indonesian writer who currently resides in Switzerland. "... I want to bring the entire city hall or the state of being I go to take home to their own country. Let no one of my tracks off the record, when I was in the city or foreign country". Along World Aisle,  Sigit Susanto told about his adventure of visiting 27 countries along with his wife. In Indonesia, Sigit Susanto established  a reading club in Lebak and Pekalongan. Reading is not an instant process, reading is more to understand and appreciate the beauty of writing. In his book club, Sigit Susanto and readers who are mostly children, read 2 pages of book weekly. 300 pages of books can be finished for 3 years.
Exposition and book reviews also present poetry writing competition, poetry readings, poetry exhibitions, dance and musical performance Jaipongan. The event was also broadcast live by Indonesian Student Association World Radio.