Update on Mt. Agung Activities, 10 October 2017 (00:00-06:00 ICST)

Activity Level: AWAS (Level IV)

Visual Observation:

1. Smoke can not be observed from the southwest and south slopes due to heavy rain and fog. A 200 m high thin smoke was observed from the north slope.

2. Signs of eruption have not yet appeared.


1. Shallow volcanic: 73 times.

2. Volcanic: 135 times.

3. Local tectonics: 9 times (can not be felt).


Dangerous area, no activity:

1. The existence of volcanic seismic records in this observation period indicates volcanic activity instability and can increase the potential for eruption in Mt. Agung, mainly because of the detected shallow volcanic earthquakes.

2. Within a radius of 9 km from the summit and in the Southwest, South, Southeast, Northeast, and North sectors as far as 12 km from the summit.

3. Estimated Dangerous Zone is dynamic and continuously evaluated and can be changed at any time following the most recent Mt. Agung observation data.

4. People are encouraged to remain calm. Beware of misleading information in various social media, circulating photos, videos and notices.   (Source: Gunung Agung Observation Post PVMBG, Rendang).


Further information:

Please contact call center : +62 361 234099 or +62 813 5396 5324.