Participants of Dharmasiswa Scholarship from Germany are Ready to Depart for Indonesia


The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Federal Republic of Germany, Eddy Pratomo, bid farewell to the recipients of the scholarship program Dharmasiswa at the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin on 24 July 2010 prior to their departure in early August. The nine recipients from different German cities will participate in academic courses at several institutions of higher learning in Indonesia, among others Universitas Lampung, ISI Denpasar, Universitas Negeri Semarang and P4TK Kesenian Yogyakarta.


During the event, Ambassador Pratomo expressed his pleasure for the enthusiasm demonstrated by the recipients to learn more about Indonesia, especially its culture and language. Pratomo said that for some of them, it would be easier to familiarize with life in Indonesia and pursue their studies due to their already existing knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia. He expressed his hopes that after their return, they would contribute to bringing Indonesia closer to the people of Germany through their knowledge, skills and experiences. A similar gathering at the Embassy is planned upon their return from Indonesia.


As an introduction to the culture of Indonesia, a Bali Gamelan performance by the Puspa Kencana Gamelan Orchestra of the Embassy was presented. The recipients also had the opportunity to try out Indonesian culinary specialties such as soto ayam and nasi sayur tahu.