Indonesia urges quick implementation of Fast-Start Climate Finance in a transparent ad effective and accountable manner


Eddy Pratomo, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Federal Republic of Germany, was given the honor to represent the developing countries during the seminar “Fast-Start Financing” which took place at the British Embassy in Berlin on 03 November 2010 and to deliver a speech to elaborate on the position of the developing countries.


During the seminar which was organized by the British Embassy in Berlin in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Environment, Conservation of Nature and Nuclear Safety, the Nature Conservancy and the Ministry of Environment of the Netherlands, speakers representing the governments of the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands also elaborated the standpoints of their respective countries.


The seminar which was conducted to give fresh impetus to the Fast-Start Climate Finance International scheme as well as within the frameworks of the forthcoming UNFCCC climate conference in Cancun was attended by about 80 representatives of government, parliament, political foundations and NGOs. The Fast-Start Finance scheme was implemented as the first step of the developed countries to fulfill their pledge for a new, additional, predictable and adequate funding. This commitment constitutes a part of the architecture for a mid and long term financial schemes to support developing countries to implement their program of adaptation, mitigation, technological development and capacity building.


During the event, Ambassador  Pratomo underlined the importance of the quick realization of the fast-start financing scheme to facilitate a coordinated funding needed for the implementation of emission and adaptation programs. Ambassador also stressed the constructive posture of Indonesia in addressing the financial issues and support for strengthening the partnership with the donors in the efforts to face the challenges of climate change based on trust and transparency. In this measure, Indonesia has taken concrete steps, such as the Climate Change Sectoral Roadmap and the National Action Plan to reduce green house gases. Indonesia also is a pioneer in adopting the REDD Plus scheme as the first tropical rain forest developing country.


Ambassador  Pratomo added that certain issues still must be addressed with respect to Fast-Start Financing, including how to make the scheme a commitment before 2012, how to realize this commitment in a transparent and effective manner, how to secure the consistency of the pledges by developed countries and implementation with the target of the program to attain long-term goals, and how to secure the compatibility of the Fast-Start Finance scheme with the interests of developed and developing countries.


In response to the contribution by Ambassador Pratomo, representatives of German and the British governments expressed the commitments of their respective countries to support the Fast-Start Finance scheme.