Indonesian missions in Germany (Embassy in Berlin and Consulates General in Hamburg and Frankfurt) will jointly organize the event “Indonesian Business Day” in München in a few days.

Applications for participation by interested German entrepreneurs continue to come in past the deadline. The list of participants so far shows that the energy sector, in particular the renewable energy field, is at the core of interest of the German business circle. The concentration of attention on the energy sector is an indication of the acknowledgement by the German business community of the development potential of cooperation between Germany and Indonesia in the renewable energy sector.

Other sectors like export/import, technology, electronics and manufacture rank also high up on the scale of interest of the participants in the event which will be held at the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung in München.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Berlin, Eddy Pratomo, will deliver the opening remarks while the keynote speech will be given by the Vice Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Bayu Krisnamurti. Armin Schwimmbeck of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology of Bavaria will contribute with his address.

Several provinces of Indonesia, including West Sumatra, South Sumatra, East Java and Papua are also represented to highlight the economic potentials and investment opportunities of the respective provinces. Moreover, representatives of the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia as well as of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia will also contribute to the event.

Meanwhile, German stake holders, among others Martin Krummeck of the German-Indonesian Chamber of Trade and Industry, Jochen W. Sautter of the German Center Indonesia, Helmut Mader of Bayern LB and Johann Stigler of the Union of German SMEs/UMU will present an account of their experiences in business engagements in Indonesia.

The participation list indicates that not only the business circle of München and Bavaria were drawn to the event, but also from other regions of Germany. The Indonesian Business Day will be concluded by a cultural evening in which the business representatives and tour operators of Germany will have the opportunity to enjoy performances of cultural aspects of Indonesia.

Ambassador Pratomo expressed his confidence that the event will contribute to enhancing cooperation between the business stakeholders of both countries and bring Indonesia closer to the people of München.