A humanitarian performance”
A cultural group from the Province of Aceh will pay their visit to Serbia on 24th of June 2011. The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Belgrade together with Belgrade City Assembly are pleased to invite the public in Belgrade to the cultural dance and musical performance which will be held in hrs in ‘the Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation”, Studentski Trg 5 at 20.00. Before the performance, a special cocktail will be organized at 19.00 hrs.
A cultural group from the Province of Aceh, “Sanggar Tari Cut Nyak Dhien” will hold their tour in Balkan region from June to July 2011 and have a chance to perform in Belgrade at the end of this months. Cultural group “Cut Nyak Dhien” is a traditional Acehnese dance and musical group that has existed for more than 30 years and has been invited to performed all over the world. The cultural group “Cut Nyak Dhien” is named after a famous female Acehnese warrior and it is the oldest traditional dance group in Aceh which promotes the Province’s culture throughout the world. Almost two-thirds of the group are youth.
Some of the rewards and international performances ever achieved are:
  • • “Best in Asia” in Hong Kong Dance Festival, 1977;
  • • “Best in Dance and Song Festival”, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, 1985;
  • • Participants at the Tong Tong Festival, Netherlands, 1993;
  • • Dance Festival France, 1993;
  • • Penang Festival, 1994;
  • • Appearances in several cities in Malaysia, 1996 and 1997;
  • • Indonesian Dance Festival in Tehran, Iran, 2006;
  • • Exhibition Dance in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile, 2007.
    The team consists of 21 people came from the Province of Aceh and will perform some of Indonesia’s reknown dance, particularly from Sumatra island. Aceh was widely known as the province hit by a terrible natural disaster. On 26th of December 2004, tsunami hit this westernmost part island. Tsunami had struck and devastated the Province and killed hundreds and thousands of people in Aceh itself and a quarter of a million people in 13 countries.
    Today, six years had passed, Aceh Province has made a remarkable recovery after the devastating disaster. Rebuilding had been impressive in Aceh, thanks to the help of the international communities.
    In sharing this development, their performance in Belgrade will be dedicated to spread this message to the people in Belgrade. A message of hope, courage and strength to the people of Serbia and other international communities. The performance will be dedicated as a humanitarian effort to help victims in other parts of the world which was struck with this grave disaster, in this case the people of Japan and also people of Serbia during the earthquake disaster in Kraljevo on 2010.
    In order to promote charity and assistance to these peoples, we hope public participation to the performance and support the charity work. Ticket service for the entrance is available in Kolarac. For further information please contact 011-3635 666, 3635 632, 3635 633 and visit
    Belgrade, 12 June 2011