Indonesia believes that democracy is a key element in the promotion of peace and stability in the region. Many nations in the region accept that universality of democratic values, such as respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and a shared adherence to these values, should help consolidate peace, stability and prosperity in the region. .
It is with this view in mind; the Government of the Republic of Indonesia initiated the Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) in 2008. The BDF is designed to promote dialogue and cooperation in democracy toward good governance and political development through sharing of experiences and best practices that adhere to the principles of equality, understanding and mutual respect. .
Considering that this year’s BDF entering into its 5th year, the Government of Indonesia has invited Heads of State/Government from the Asia Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East, to look into the relevance of advancing democratic principles at the global setting, discussing in particular how democratic global governance could contribute to International peace and security, economic development and effective enjoyment of human rights. .
This year we invite again media from all around the world to cover the event that will take place in Westin Hotel, Bali on 8-9 November 2012. All media representatives who are interested in covering the event must register using the prescribed Media Registration Form available at to be completed and send to organizers through including (attachment) of supporting documents, in addition, formedia coverage also will be expected to fill out the list of equipments which then to be taken to the Protocol and Consular Section of Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Belgrade to be legalized. .
Online Media Registration is open from 5 October 2012, and will be closed on 25 October 2012. .