Indonesian cultural art performance enliven the Diplomatic Reception of the Embassy of the Republic fo Indonesia

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Beirut – Lebanon held a diplomatic reception to commemorate the 72nd Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, in the 3rd of October 2017 in Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut.

Representing President Michel Aoun is Mr. Pierre Raffoul, State Minister for Presidency Affairs; representing Prime Minister Hariri, Mr. Ammar Houri, Member of Parliament; and representing Mr. Nabih Berry, Mr. Muhammad Kabbani, Member of the Lebanese Parliament.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Lebanon, H.E. Mr. Achmad Chozin Chumaidy extended his deep gratitude and appreciation to the Government of the Lebanese Republic for their support to Indonesia's candidacy as the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, year 2019-2020. The Ambassador emphasizes the close relations between Indonesia and Lebanon, as well as its historical support, since Lebanon was one of the countries that recognize Indonesia's Independence in 1947. Furthermore, the Ambassador highlighted the close relationship between two nations, not only on government level, but also on people-to-people contact through the business, and social and cultural relations. The two nations are already accustomed to coexistence and tolerance among various ethnicities and religions. "It is our sincere hope that the bilateral relations between two nation, that has been positive, will increase and will benefical for the people of both countries."

The event was indeed a showcase of the said coexistence of Indonesia's multi ethnicities. Taken the theme of "The Color of Indonesia", the event depicts the colors of various culture, language as well as music and dances that illustrates the diversity of Indonesia. At the entrance, guests are welcomed by scarf of tenun ikat and batik, Indonesia's popular traditional textile. Later in the evening, guests were entertained by a string of cultural performance, namely Saman Dance (of Aceh region), Tari Piring (West Sumatra), and Pencak Silat (West Java's martial art), accompanied by beautiful traditional music instrument of angklung, kolintang, gamelan and rampak kendang percussion. The melodious sound of Indonesia's tradional music instrument then accompanied renowned song "Kun Anta" and Fayrouz's "Nassam Alayna el Hawa". The performance was ended by the line dance "Gemu Famire". The Colors of Indonesia in presented by Indonesian Students in Lebanon and the Indonesian Troops in the UNIFIL.

The richness of Indonesia was also presented through its culinary richness. Nasi goring, a popular Indonesian dish, was specially prepared by the Ambassador's chef, Ismail Darmin, with a live cooking show. Another popular Indonesian product, Torabika coffee, was also served during the event.

The Color of Indonesian was also portrayed by a photo exhibition during the event. The countries of 17,000 island with thousands of ethnic, the exhibition illustrate the beauty of Indonesia, as well as its role in the UNIFIL.   ​