The New Indonesian Ambassador-designate Welcomed Courtesy Call of the Lebanon Tajammu al Ulama al Muslimin



?Beirut: the new Indonesian Ambassador-designate, His Excellency Mr. Achamd Chozin Chumaidy welcomed the courtessy call of the delegation from the Lebanon Tajammu al Ulama al Muslimin (The Association of Muslim Clergy) lead by the association’s head of international relations department, Sheikh Maher Muzhir (Sunni) and his colleague Sheikh Hassan Hallal (Shiite), last Thursday (5/3)


In the meeting, Sheikh Maher conveying the association’s hope and wishes to keep continuing and improving the long established cooperation with Indonesia, particularly the relations between the Muslim Clergy of Indonesia and Lebanon through various activities that could be facilitated by the Indonesia Embassy.


Sheikh Maher saying that the Lebanon Tajammu al Ulama al Muslimin had a cooperation with the Indonesian Nahdlatul Ulama under a memorandum of understanding signed in 2010 by the Sheikh Hazim Muzhadi from the Indonesian side during his visit to Lebanon.


“The already established cooperation between the association and Indonesian Nahdlatul Ulama could be garnered in various activities, for example in the form of visits by Muslim Clergy of both parties and constructive dialog or discussion about today’s development in the Muslim world which witness many radical and extremists movement, especially in the Mid-East’, says Sheikh Maher.


Welcoming the association’s visit, Ambassador Chozin conveyed his highest appreciation and thanks to Sheikh Maher, and supports the cooperation with the Tajammu al Ulama al Muslimin, in particular with the Indonesian Nahdlatul Ulama.


“The cooperation with the association also plays an important role to foster ukhuwah islamiyah between Muslim from Indonesia and Lebanon, giving the fact that Indonesia is a country with the biggest Muslim population in the world and also religiously a diverse one which managed to be preserved until now”, says Ambassador Chozin.


Source: the embassy’s information section)