Lebanese Speaker People of Lebanon Will Not Forget the Noble Services by the Indonesian Troops in UNIFIL

Completing his first two months in Beirut, Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon designate, His Excellency Achmad Chozin Chumaidy once again pays a visit to one of Lebanese national leaders. This time Ambassador Chozin gave a courtesy call to His Excellency Nabih Berri, Speaker of the House/Head of the Lebanese National Assembly at his office on Thursday (16/4).
Speaking to the Lebanese Speaker, Ambassador Chozin formally introduced himself as the new Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon replacing Ambassador Dimas Samodra Rum, and also conveying our best regards from the Indonesian Speaker, His Excellency Setya Novanto and Indonesian Foreign Minister Her Excellency Retno Marsudi.
In the meeting, Ambassador Chozin invited Excellency Berri to attend the 60th Commemoration of Asia-Africa Summit to be held this month in Bandung which Lebanon is also a member of the summit.
“Excellency Berri is a national figure who are not only popular in the Indonesian politician, but also well-known by the Indonesian people who witnessed his role in maintaining peace and stability in Lebanon,” said Ambassador Chozin to Speaker Berri.
Furthermore Ambassador Chozin conveying his hope to Speaker Berri for more fruitful and dynamic bilateral relations between Lebanon and Indonesia in future to comes. “Our cooperation between both countries are in its best condition, either in the government or parliament cooperation,” Ambassador Chozin said.
In this opportunity, Ambassador Chozin also praised the essential role played by Speaker Berri in easing the political tense between two national heavy weight party of Future Movement and Hezbollah and resulting a more stable political and social condition in the country. The efforts played by Speaker Berri will not only defusing the high-tense condition in the grass-root level but also speed up the process of the Lebanese president.  
Ambassador Chozin also reassert Indonesia’s support and commitment for the independence of Palestine and the importance of comprehensive solution for all problems facing the Middle East region.
Meanwhile regarding the issue of religious tolerance, Ambassador Chozin reiterate that the Indonesian people whose majority are Muslim always put the values of tolerance and upholds the principle of moderation to other religious followers.
“We have similarity with Lebanon in terms of religious diversity, that’s why our people, especially the Muslim which form the biggest part of the society put forward the values of tolerance and moderation to other followers,” said Ambassador Chozin     
Responding to Ambassador Chozin, Speaker Berri welcomed the presence of Ambassador Chozin as the new envoy of Indonesia for Lebanon and praise his best wishes for the upcoming success in assigning the duties
“I do hope and believe that our relations will be more fruitful, particularly in the cooperation between the countries parliament”, Speaker Berri said.
Speaker Berri shares the same view that Indonesia is a country with the biggest Muslim population in the world and already known for its identity as a moderate Muslim.
Furthermore Speaker Berri said, “Islam’s teaching basically is about moderation and tolerance, but it’s a shame that there are groups of people who deliberately abuse and misappropriate the teaching of Islam in a ways which at the end being perceived by others as a religion full of extremism and terror.”
As for the Indonesian active participation in maintaining peace and security of Lebanon under the UNIFIL, Speaker Berri told Ambassador Chozin that Lebanon is very much appreciate and thankful for the Indonesian participation. The contributions given by the Indonesian contingent are not only for Lebanon as a whole, but also enjoyed by the host communities in the South.
“The people of Lebanon will not forget the noble services from the Indonesian troops in UNIFIL,” said Speaker Berri.
Source: the Embassy’s media section