Indonesian Cuisine Week Brings the Unique Taste of Indonesian Culinary to Lebanon


They attended the program entitled the Indonesian Cuisine Week. The program was launched on Tuesday by the Phoenicia Hotel on cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut (from June 22 – 26th, 2010). With little adjustment into Lebanese and international tastes, the Indonesian food is ready to discover. “The event – which is the first collaboration with the Phoenician hotel – is a good beginning to enhance cross-cultural understanding between Indonesia and Lebanon,” said R.A. Arief, Charge d’ Affaires of the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut. Arief also believes that the culinary serves the bridge for both nations to know each other. A group of Indonesian musicians also performed some modern songs played by Indonesian traditional musical instruments such as bamboo made Angklung, Percussion and traditional drums. A welcoming dance also greets the visitors on this opening evening. During the whole week program, the Indonesian musicians would play along the visitors having lunch or dinner in the Mosaic restaurant of Phoenicia. “Indonesia is famous for its fertile land and archipelagic state which is rich of waters of both rivers and oceans. Our food therefore is dominantly made from fish, vegetable and less meat,” insisted Arief who also expressed his optimistic view that Indonesia and Lebanon have many things to promote for synergic cooperation, one of which is the tourism sector.