“Indonesia through the Eyes of Bassam Lahoud” is the theme underlining a photo exhibition jointly held by the Lebanese American University of Beirut and the Indonesian Embassy in Lebanon.
The opening of the exhibition was held on November 24th, 2011 in the Sheikh Zayed-Nahyan Hall, building of Architecture Faculty, LAU Beirut Campus, where the 50 pictures are also being exhibited for a week ahead.
In addition to Ambassador of Indonesia, Dimas Samodra Rum and the LAU President, Dr. Joseph Jabra, some invitees including Ambassadors of Korea, Spain, Japan, Brazil, China, Argentine, Columbia as well as journalists, faculty members and students of LAU were present in the cocktail opening.
The exhibition portrays several themes ranging from Indonesian architectures, landscapes, people to animals. The dynamic of lndonesians -- who maintain the balance between modern wave and preservation of traditional way of life -- were clearly expressed through the pictures.
According to Prof. Bassam Lahoud, whose pictures taken from his two-week visit to Indonesia in last August, the purpose of the exhibition is mainly to engage in a project of promoting cross-social understanding between the two countries. Other than that, the exhibition aimed at presenting sophisticated art of pothography through well-framed and high quality pictures.
In the same light, Ambassador of Indonesia, Dimas Samodra Rum took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the LAU and highlighted that the exhibition was part of noble projects of bridging the information gap on each other between the people from two countries.