Delegation of Indonesian Ministry of Religious and Islamic Boarding Schools Visited Global University Beirut


?Welcoming the end of 2014, a delegation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia and representatives from 10 biggest Islamic boarding schools across Indonesia visited its counterpart of Global University Beirut.

The visit was an academic-purposed visit started at Thursday (25/12) until Wednesday (31/12) aimed to increase academic relations between the Global University Beirut with the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia and Indonesia’s 10 biggest Islamic boarding schools in the field of methodological-sharing on how to conduct an effective Arabic language lesson for Indonesians, also sharing of experience or best practice between both sides.

The visit was carried out by the ministry as one of the implementation project of the Memorandum of Understanding on Academic Cooperation between Global University Beirut and Ministry of Religious Affairs Republic of Indonesia done by both parties on December 2013.

The Global University Beirut is not a new partner for Indonesia. Until now the university receive 27 Indonesian students learning Islamic studies under the scholarship framework.

The Indonesian delegation comprise of 6 officials from the ministry and local offices of the ministry across Indonesia, and 10 Arabic language teachers from Indonesian Islamic boarding schools. The delegation was led by Mr. Ahmad Zayadi, official of the Directorate of Diniya Education and Islamic Boarding School of the Directorate General of Islamic Education of the ministry.

During a week of visit, the delegation and a team of lecturers of the Global University Beirut undergone an academic activities such as discussion and training focusing on how to have the best-applied and effective techniques or methods on teaching Arabic language for teachers of Indonesian Islamic boarding school.

The Indonesian side needs to know such effective Arabic teaching techniques or methods form their Lebanese counterpart in order to be implemented in their daily teaching activities for their Indonesian students, especially to give deeper Arabic language teaching for Indonesian students who wish to pursue scholarship in Islamic Study in the Middle East universities.

The visit also witnessed the signing of memorandum of understanding between the Global University Beirut and each of the 10 Indonesian Islamic Boarding schools on the Islamic academic cooperation.   

The visit gains full support from the outgoing Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Mr. Dimas Samodra Rum in the meeting between the delegation and the Global University Beirut at the Indonesian Embassy office in Baabda.

The Ambassador said that such a visit was certainly an important cooperation between Indonesia and Lebanon, and also reflects the closeness between both countries. The Embassy put high hope that the cooperation established on the MoU by both sides could be put into real activities in futures to come.

(source : the embassy’s media office).