Cultural Visit by Lebanese Students to Indonesian Navy Ship in Port Beirut

On Thursday (14/5), 40 students of grade 11 and teachers from the Central College des Moines in Jounieh visited the Indonesian navy ship KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda – 367 in Port Beirut.

Also attending the event Indonesia Ambassador to Lebanon designate H.E. Mr. Achmad Chozin Chumaidy and wife.

The visit was organized by the Embassy of Indonesia in Beirut and in cooperation with the commander of the Indonesian navy ship, LTC (Navy) I.G.P. Alit Jaya.

During the visit the students on board the ship were given a presentation about Indonesia and the role that Indonesia is playing in the Maritime Task Force (MTF) UNIFIL, and showing related videos.

The students were explained also about the task of MTF UNIFIL in Lebanon which is to assist Lebanon and its navy in maintaining peace and security of the Lebanese territorial waters.

The students also enjoyed a tour around the ship under the guide of the officers.

At the end of the visit they were entertained with cultural performances by the crew’s cultural team, and joyously dancing together with the ship’s crew and officers.

The visit is a new program organized by the Embassy of Indonesia in Beirut for Lebanese students as a way to promote Indonesia as well as to make publicly known about Indonesia’s role in the MTF UNIFIL, especially to create friendly relations with Lebanese young generations.

Before the visit by students of central college Jounieh, last a week ago on Friday (8/5) 30 students of age 8 – 10 and their teachers from the Saint Joseph Antoura School in Jounieh also had visited the ship.

The embassy is welcomed other school who might interested to participate in this program for the next visit.

Since 2009 Indonesia has been joining the MTF UNIFIL by deploying 1 navy ship from its latest Sigma class ship to Lebanon. This year Indonesia deploys KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda – 367 since 13 November 2014. This year assignment is the second time for the ship to join the MTF UNIFIL.

Source: Embassy's media section