Ambassador Chozin designate Welcomed Courtesy Visit from Global University Beirut


?Beirut: the new Indonesian Ambassador for Lebanon designate, H.E., Mr. Chozin Achamd Chumaidy welcomed the courtesy visit made by leaders of Global University Beirut lead by Sheikh Abdurrahman Amash and Dr. Adnan Traboulsi, Friday (20/3).

During the visit, Sheikh Amash conveyed the university’s hope to keep in good relation and cooperation with the Indonesian side, especially facilitated by the Embassy. To Ambassador Chozin, Sheikh Amash also explained that Lebanon is a multi-sectarian state comprises Sunni, Shiite, Christian Maronite, Druze, and others, which in total there are 18 sects across Lebanon.


Responding to the delegation, Ambassador Chozin expresses his thankful and highest appreciation for the university’s visit which indicates its closeness and friendly relations between Lebanon and Indonesia.


“I was told by Ambassador Dimas that Global University has been in close relations with the the Embassy and become a fruitful partner to each other, and whom we always refer as “Friends of Indonesia” which showed its highest hospitality as a host for the Embassy in Lebanon” says Ambassador Chozin.


Furthermore Ambassador Chozin expressed the Embassy readiness to develop the relations and cooperation with the university, in particular with the concerned parties in Indonesia.


By God help, the cooperation between the university and Indonesia could be increased in the future, especially with the existence of the memorandum of understanding established by the university and the Indonesian Religious Ministry”, says Ambassador Chozin.  


In the meeting, Ambassador Chozin also emphasizes his main mission is to continue and improving the bilateral ties between Indonesia and Lebanon in future to comes, particularly having seen that many field of cooperation are potential to be developed between the two countries.


“One of my plan is to go deeper in the cooperation of Islamic matters between Muslim scholars of Indonesia and Lebanon, especially in our side to promote and introduce the face of Islam in Indonesia which uphold values of moderation and tolerance”, says Ambassador Chozin.   


Through this religious promotion it will generate a constructive ways to foster ukhuwah islamiyah or brotherhood between Muslim of both countries, which is also in line with the Indonesian identity as the biggest Muslim population in the world and also religiously a diverse one which managed to be preserved until now.


“The same with Lebanon, Indonesia is also a country with religious diversity or religiously heterogeneous society. We have religious diversities which is constantly being preserved and well-maintained for its unity and harmony among other religious followers” says Ambassador Chozin.


Global University Beirut is one the universities which received Indonesian students learning Islamic Studies. Until now there are 24 Indonesian students having their study in the university.


The university had also established a memorandum of understanding on the education cooperation with the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia signed by both parties on December 2013.


One its activities were the visit made by the delegation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia and 10 Indonesian Islamic Boarding School to Global University campus on December 2014. The purpose of visit was to have a methodological-sharing on how to conduct an effective Arabic language lesson for Indonesians, also sharing of experiences or best practices between both sides.


The visit also witnessed the signing of memorandum of understanding between the Global University Beirut and each of the 10 Indonesian Islamic Boarding schools on the Islamic academic cooperation.  


Source: the Embassy’s media section.