Ambassador’s Remarks on the Indonesian Cultural Performance at Women’s League Garden Party, the Marquand House, American University of Beirut, 5 May 2014


?The President of Women’s League Madame Lamia Kawar, The President of American University of Beirut Mr. Peter Dorman and Madame, Ambassadors, dear guests, good afternoon and may peace be upon us.


As the emissary of the Government and people of Indonesia I wish to convey our gratitude for being here. It is a great pleasure for the Embassy of Indonesia to participate in the annual Women’s League Garden Party as a way to build friendship and closeness between us and Lebanon.


Special thanks also to Madame Lamia Kawar for giving the Embassy an opportunity to introduce some of Indonesian cultural heritages to accompany us in the gathering. It shows the Women’s League constructive attention in building a universal cross-culture relation, especially for us Indonesia and Lebanon. I very much appreciate it.


Excellences, dear ladies and gentlemen,


Probably you all know or heard Indonesia as a land of multi-culture. We have many traditions, arts, culinary, folklore dancing throughout our five main islands, Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua, and other thousands islands. All of these are still largely practiced and preserved in modern times.


And this afternoon we are pleased to organize an Indonesian cultural performances of dancing and musical instruments from Jawa and Sulawesi, combined with modern instruments, performed by the cultural teams of the Embassy and the Indonesian Contingent in UNIFIL. We are happy that our contingent could participate in this party in Beirut is able to do cultural performances and could perform it, as they usually organize a show to entertain people in the South Lebanon as well as in others UNIFIL’s gathering, besides their main task as peace keepers.


I hope the performances entertain you and could cheer up the party.


At the end, I again hope this gathering could preserve a warm relationship among us, as well as my wishes for the peace and prosperity of Lebanon. 


I thank you and have a pleasant party. Shukran, Terima kasih.