Remarks by Mr. Mayerfas, Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Beijing at the Launching of “Indonesia International Friendly Contact” Shanghai, 27 May 2010



Distinguished Guests,

Dear Friends of Indonesia,


       It gives me great pleasure to be able to join you today on the auspicious occasion of the launching of ‘Indonesia International Friendly Contact’.

       At the outset, on behalf of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia who is on his official duty and is therefore regretfully unable to be with us today, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude and highest appreciation to the organizers for its utmost effort to convene this event.

I commend that the launching of this friendship association is held at the impeccable time. This year we commemorate a watershed event in the history of relationship between Indonesia and China.

       Indonesia was one of the first countries to recognize China and it was 60 years ago that diplomatic relations were officially established between our two countries. It was the vision of our great leaders that China and Indonesia should march side by side on the road to progress and together contribute to peace, security, stability and prosperity not only in our region but also in the international community.

       The bilateral relations between Indonesia and China reached a new high in 2005 when Leaders of our two countries signed the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership. Since then, we have been witnessing the enhancement of mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation in all fields, including economic cooperation. This year, China replaces the US as Indonesia’s top two export markets before Japan, and the bilateral trade volume counted for US$28.6 billion. President Yudhoyono has set a target for trade with China to reach US$50 billion in 2014. In addition, the Government of Indonesia also determines that to achieve the sustainable development, the cooperation should be focused on the improvement of infrastructures, technology transfer for food and energy security, as well as information and experience sharing in tackling social issues, poverty alleviation and disaster risk management.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

       Considering the size of the two countries’ population and the expansion of their industrial and other sectors, there is still so many untapped potential that can be jointly explored and developed. However, the target of cooperation should not be limited only to reaching higher trade volume, but, most importantly, also promoting mutual understanding between businesses and people of the two countries.

       In Indonesia, Chinese have always been an important ethnic since the pre-independence period of the country, even long before that. There have been considerable and revolutionary changes to government’s policies towards Chinese. It is now era of rediscovery. Many Mandarin learning centers open throughout the country. Dragon and Lion dances are shown in public in many places. The Chinese culture is starting to be embraced by popular media, which widely cover Chinese New Year celebrations and even broadcast TV shows on Feng Shui and news in Chinese language on television and radio.

       President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Chinese President Hu Jintao have declared Year 2010 as the Year of Friendship. Thus today I can say with full confidence that the bonds of friendship and cooperation between our two countries are much stronger. That growth in our relationship, which has been of great benefit to our two peoples, is certainly worth celebrating.

Distinguished guests,

       Indonesia International Friendly Contact will complement to the existing social fraternities which serve as the avenue for closer engagement amongst nations, exchange of cultures and ideas, and stronger cooperation on a people-to-people basis.

       It is our fervent hope that Indonesia International Friendly Contact and its counterpart—China Association for International Friendly Contact will pave the way and build a very busy avenue of friendship in the years to come, contributing to the promotion of joint undertakings in economy, social, culture, science and technology, health and education with the ultimate end of development to realize the dream of the people of the two nations to live in justice, prosperity and peace.

       Recognizing the committee members of the foundation, which comprises outstanding personages and experts of various fields, I personally believe that we are one step closer to materializing that dream.

       I hereby assure you the full support from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Beijing, as the representative of the Government of Indonesia in People’s Republic of China, to shore up for the success of IIFC in achieving its constructive goals.

       May I once again congratulate and commend Indonesia International Friendship Contact—the founder, the chairman, the committee and all who have a hand in putting together this initiative.

       Let this be an occasion for reaffirming our resolve to sustain and enhance the friendship and cooperation.