Beijing (6/1/2015) – Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI) of North Kalimantan will hold the Kaltara Festival 2015 at Tarakan City – North Kalimantan on 10-18 October 2015.
Kaltara Festival 2015 is the first event to be carried out in the province of North Kalimantan, given the province of North Kalimantan is the youngest province in the Republic of Indonesia. The event is expected to boost the economy and tourism of the province.
The event will also celeberate the anniversary of the North Kalimantan Province the anniversary of Indonesian Military, Youth Day and the New Year of Islam.
The Kaltara festival includes promotional events such as exhibitions and bazars, music concerts, lantern festivals, air balloon festival and sports activities. Hundreds of participants will join the event, among them central and regional government agencies, the armed forces, state owned companies, non governmental organizations, as well as small and medium enterprises
If you are visiting Indonesia in October 2015, make sure you visit Tarakan City and attend Kaltara Festival 2015.
For more information please contact the organizing committee at +62-551-2038531 or email : pkknpitarteng@gmail.com, and website : http://www.festivalkaltara2015.ga.