Indonesia and China Enhance Cooperation Determined Infrastructure Development Project and Water Resources in Indonesia


Government of Indonesia and China have agreed to continue to enhance cooperation in infrastructure development of the homeland as part of efforts to realize the strategic partnership declaration RI-PRC leaders that the two countries signed in April 2005 in Jakarta. These efforts are conducted through the signing of two (2) Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum of Understanding) by the Minister of Public Works, Djoko Kirmanto with counterpart Li Shenglin of the PRC Ministry of Communications and Chen Lei, China's Ministry of Water Resources, in Beijing.
The signing of the MoU on cooperation in the development of road infrastructure projects and a bridge between Indonesia and the PRC Ministry of Communications conducted in China on September 25, 2009. While the MoU of cooperation in the field of water resources was signed at the Ministry of PRC on 26 September 2009.
Highway infrastructure projects and bridges will utilize dibangunan with buyers Preferential credit facility from the Government of China. The projects are: development of Musi III Bridge, Bridge Tayan, Kendari Bridge, Highway and Medan-Kualanamu Coleunyi Highway-Sumedang-Dawuan.
Cooperation in development projects is expected to provide technology transfer as it occurs in Suramadu Bridge project.
Infrastructure development cooperation is also expected to better encourage increased business and investment climate of Indonesia is now much improved. While cooperation in the field of water resources, will prioritize the development of water resources in harmony with efforts to protect and preserve the environment.
In addition to the interests bermaanfaat irrigation and flood control to support increased productivity of farmers, construction of reservoirs is also intended for the benefit of Water Power (hydropower), which are vital to the development and productive activities in Aceh.
That significant progress has been made in the development Jatigede Reservoir in West Java which is also a project undertaken by a consortium of Indonesia and the PRC, be evidence of strong commitment from both parties to continue to fill the bilateral cooperation more concrete and mutually beneficial.
For that, the Government of Indonesia and the PRC is determined to accelerate completion and start Jatigede Reservoir Dam project construction Jambu Aye in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD). Reservoir construction is expected Jambu Aye will be able to contribute positively to economic and social progress in the surrounding communities. To realize this goal, both sides will continue to improve and expand the consultation and coordination.