Indonesia Offers “Rich Destination, Rich Market” to Chinese Investors



Beijing, January 13, 2011 - Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Imron Cotan,  invites Chinese investors to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure in Indonesia. As an archipelagic state with more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia needs to develop its infrastructure to cater to the needs and interests of foreign tourists who wish to travel and enjoy beautiful sceneries, diverse culture, and tourism activities in different areas of Indonesia. The development of tourism infrastructure is key to success in the development of tourism industry, and will make Indonesia a “rich destination and rich market” for the industry. 


Ambassador Cotan also conveys historical ties and cultural affinities between Indonesian and Chinese peoples, thanks to interactions between the two peoples centuries ago. In this regard, the visits of Admiral Zhenghe, whose legacy can be seen among others in the Sampokong Temple in Semarang, has transmitted values of tolerance and harmony in lives of Indonesian society. These historical ties and cultural affinities provide good platform for Chinese investors to business in Indonesia.


The invitation to invest in Indonesia’s tourism sector is conveyed by Ambassador Cotan in a panel discussion session of “2011 Chinese and Foreign Tourist Industry Cooperation Summit”, held in Shanghai, January 12-13, 2011. The event which is organized by Win China Tourism Industry Union in cooperation with Wenzhou SME Development Association and Africa Investment Net and attended by around than 350 participants representing stakeholders of Chinese tourism industry and local governments, including those in transportation, hoteliers, and tour operators industry, as well as diplomatic missions in China, 8 of them at the ambassadorial level.


The importance of tourism infrastructure development was shared by the stakeholders of Chinese tourism industry who wish to provide more comfort to their fellow countrymen travelling abroad. In the efforts to attract more foreign tourist within a competitive climate in global tourism market, the development of tourism infrastructure needs to be supported by innovation in designing and marketing tourism products, increase in the quality of services, and security.


Considering the potentials of Chinese outbound tourism market to contribute to the efforts in meeting the target of attracting 7.7 million foreign tourists to Indonesia for 2011, the Embassy will continuously woo potential stakeholders in Chinese tourism industry and at the same time promote Indonesia’s potentials as “rich destination, rich market” for trade and investment.