Commission VIII House of Representative Learnt to Tackle Poverty from China



Beijing (Friday, 22/4/2011)— Legislation Drafting Working Committee of Commission VIII of the House of Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (Panja RUU Komisi VIII) led by the Commission of Vice-Chairman, H. Gondo Radityo Gambiro, has concluded its 5-day working trip to Beijing and Xi’an, PRC, today. It has been a productive comparative study trip to directly observe the best practices and to gather information that would provide inputs to the drafting of Legislation on Poverty Alleviation in Indonesia.

Chinese Government acknowledged that the number of poor people in China was still very large, reaching 40 million. The Director of the State Council Leading Group of Poverty Alleviation and Development (LGOP), Fan Xiaojian, explained to the Indonesian visiting delegation to LGOP that the Chinese Government therefore has continued stepping up efforts to tackle poverty and to assist the Chinese poor, among others, by providing financial aids, soft loans for small-scale industry and agriculture, and assistance in housing, education and medical services. LGOP is a governmental institution under the State Council responsible for coordinating research projects, proposing draft regulations and plans for the economic and social development of the impoverished regions, as well as coordinating the efforts to address the issues of poverty alleviation in China.

On Tuesday (19/4/2011), the delegation of Commission VIII met with its Chinese counterpart, the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China (NPC). During the meeting, the Vice-Chairman of Commission for Internal and Legal Affairs of the NPC, Liu Zhenhua, asserted that the poverty in China, while decreasing in quantity over the years, still requires utmost attention. He also added that China currently had not had a particular decree or bylaw on poverty alleviation although it had been included and addressed in the existing regulations on social matters.

During the China trip, the delegation also visited the Beijing Social Welfare Institution No.1—the first nursery in Beijing, Xi’an Handicapped Children Rehabilitation & Training Center and Xi’an Welfare Institution—the biggest in Shaanxi, the home of Terracotta warriors, and met and exchanged views with top official and staffers of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing. From the visits, members of delegates acquired comprehensive information on the organization of social welfare related institution, including the sustainable management of personnel, budget, facilities and services. The delegation continued its trip to Shenzhen, Guangdong, to meet with the Bureau of Planning and Development of Shenzhen.