Remarks at the Ceremony of Reward Presentation to the 1-millionth Visitor of Indonesia Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai, 1 June 2010 by H.E. Imron Cotan, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia



Today, I am deeply pleased to be able to attend this exceptional event and to present the rewards to the one and only lucky person, who is selected as the 1-millionth visitor of Indonesian Pavilion at the World Expo 2010.


Allow me, on behalf of the Government of Indonesia and all the organizers of Indonesian Pavilion, to extend my warmest congratulations to the winner.


This event is one of the activities organized at Indonesian Pavilion in the attempt of fostering the awareness and understanding of the public of China and of the international community by and large about Indonesia.


Shanghai World Expo 2010 is auspiciously held in tandem with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Indonesia-China diplomatic relations as well as the year of friendship between our two nations. Three great events that definitely are worth celebration. Therefore I commend that it is an impeccable moment to further closer cooperation and promote understanding between people and civilization.


Shanghai World Expo has given the avenue for Indonesia to introduce itself as a significant part of the world, a partner in development, friends of the people of China and of the wide world community, who share the view of togetherness in realizing ‘Better City, Better Life’. Through the concept of BIO-DIVERSE-CITY, Indonesia Pavilion presents the image of the ultimate upshots of the country’s green sustainable development, the people’s life, and the vast varieties of its culture.


The event here today is our celebration to welcome the multitude numbers of visitor coming to our pavilion; and we would like to share the celebration with you. The one-millionth visit we witnessed today is an evidence that people from China and from all over the world put great interest and maybe also have certain curiosity to know more, and to learn more about Indonesia.


Let me once again congratulate the lucky number 1-millionth visitor while welcoming you all to visit our Indonesian Pavilion and become the Friends of Indonesia.

So, enjoy.


Thank you. Xie xie.