Message of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia on the Occasion of the 65th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Beijing, 17 August 2010



On this auspicious occasion of the 65th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, I have great pleasure to extend my heartfelt felicitations to the Indonesian community in China, and best wishes for the time-tested Indonesia-China kinship which I hope will continue to flourish perpetually.


Today we recall with gratitude and pay tribute to decades of perseverance, tenacity and struggling fortitude of our two peoples and nations went through and put up against colonization and various forms of challenges.


While reflecting on the values of freedom, unity, sovereignty and equality that we have been cherishing since the proclamation of Indonesian independence on August 17, 1945, we are also celebrating our achievements as a stable, democratic, and multicultural society with a strong and competitive economy.


Indonesia has shown its resilience in confronting the recent global economic and financial crisis and has been well-referred to as the new ‘economic golden child’ and ‘the investment haven’ following Brazil, Russia, India and China or BRIC. It is not unexpected. The country’s economy, the largest in Southeast Asia, cautiously grew at the annual rate of 6.2% in the second quarter this year. The stock market rises more than 20%--among the best-performing equities markets in Asia. Its currency is one of Asia’s strongest, according to the data from Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board as quoted by the New York Times (5 August 2010).


In an economy that is currently worth of $650 billion a year and expected to grow to $1 trillion in five years, Indonesia is expecting to lure $30 to $40 billion in annual foreign investment by 2015. Currently, it has $3.7 billion in FDI in the second quarter this year, a 51% rise from a year earlier.


As an archipelago with a pressing need of connectivity, Indonesia has 390,000 km of roads and plans to build 4,000 km of road per year, which will need an estimated total budget of US$150 billion. Of this amount, $50 billion will be borne by the government. Therefore, the Indonesian government is hoping to attract foreign investments to fund this important venture. China Investment Corp. is one of foreign financiers already pledging to invest in Indonesia, particularly for its infrastructure projects, by pitching in as much as $25 billion share.

The administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has won plaudits for spawning transformational changes to domestic development in all sectors while bolstering the public confidence and charting the country back in the world’s rostrum as a one of the key players.


Now Indonesia is striving to embark upon the second wave of its reform aimed at liberating the country from the impact of recent crises and at accomplishing the reform agendas. It serves as the stepping stone to realize the ‘Indonesia Vision 2025’ of moving forward towards a mature democracy based on three pillars: self-reliance, high competitiveness, and noble civilization.


The main goals are to materialize unity and social harmony; to consolidate national stability; to strengthen democracy and transparency; to maintain law and order; to intensify economic growth; to improve people’s welfare; to improve good governance and corruption eradication; to protect environment; to advance local development; and to foster global partnership and cooperation.


To achieve such goals, the government has committed to implementing a more relevant paradigm and grand strategy of economic development. It will integrate the resources, knowledge and culture, while advancing research, developing innovative and adaptive thinking as well as excellent technology, and fostering entrepreneurship. The national economy will be promoted on the basis of comparative and competitive advantages and market mechanism for efficiency.


At the same time, in keeping with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution, Indonesia will continue to pursue an independent and active foreign policy based on equality and mutually beneficial principles. It adopts ‘a million friends, zero enemy’ all-direction diplomacy in facing the ever-changing global environment.


Indonesia has been actively pioneering and contributing to the efforts of dealing with the global issues, including climate change. It will continue to get involved in the world’s endeavors to realize a more just, democratic and prosperous world, such as by encouraging the reform of the UN as well as world financial institutions and finding solutions to global economic crisis.


On bilateral front, further enhancement of Indonesia-China friendly ties is our unswerving policy. This year marks a historical milestone of the long-standing kinship between the two countries. High level exchanges have provided platform for reaffirming and exploring new avenues for cooperation. Bilateral agreements and the implementation of the Plans of Action of the Strategic Partnership have boosted the bonds to a new height. The presence of more than 10 millions Indonesians of Chinese descent (some even estimate that the number reaches approximately 4-5% of Indonesia’s total population), as well as hundred thousands of Chinese nationals from Indonesia that returned back to the mainland (“Huaqiao”), and the ever intensified interactions between the two peoples have added a vital dimension to our relationship. We are convinced that with the joint efforts of our two governments and two peoples, the strategic partnership will bring more benefits in the days to come.


Today, the world sees Indonesia differently. It is the third biggest democratic country, the bridge between Islam and the West, an emerging economic powerhouse in Asia, and a vibrant nation that successfully exercises freedom, pluralism and tolerance. Looking forward into the future, we are full with confidence that Indonesia will stand on par with other countries in deciding the course of the world order.


The journey is going to be long and painful, but we are confident that we will be able to build a great, just, prosperous and advanced nation. Only with persistent determination, elevated nationalism and hard work will we succeed.


Happy Anniversary Indonesia!